Why do the Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Baggers listen to Rush Limbaugh?

Why do the Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Baggers listen to Rush Limbaugh? He is a drug-addict, his abuse of drugs was so severe at one time that he permanently lost his hearing. He now has a cochlear implant.

Rush was once detained for more than three hours at the Palm Beach Airport after officials found a bottle of Viagra in his possession with someone else’s name on it. He was going on vacation with a bottle of Viagra. He is a serial philanderer, has married and divorced multiple times.

He is not very well educated (never could finish college, barely managed to clear High School). According to his mother, “he flunked everything”.  He is a draft-dodging chicken-hawk.  He is also quite obese.

The gullible morons who listen to his rants proudly call themselves “ditto-heads”. Why is this man a conservative hero? Is it his racist rants that appeal to the Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Baggers?