Racist Cops of Missouri

Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson

The cop who killed an unarmed Michael Brown at least six times.

Darren Wilson started his career in Jennings, Mo., at a police department so troubled, and with so much tension between white officers and black residents, that the city council finally decided to disband it. Everyone in the Jennings police department was fired (including Darren Wilson)


Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson

He released a video that allegedly shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. Department of Justice found out about the video before it was released and asked the police chief not to make it public. DOJ was worried that the footage would spark more violence in Ferguson. Police Chief Thomas Jackson released the video anyway.


St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson

Dotson lied about what happened in Kajieme Powell killing. He made it sound like the two police officers (still unnamed) who killed him did so in self-defense. When a video of the incident emerged, he promptly changed his story.


St. Louis County Police Officer Dan Page

Officer Dan Page spewed the vile rhetoric during an Oath Keepers of St. Louis/St. Charles meeting in April, just months before he was tasked with keeping order among a crowd of majority black protesters in Ferguson. Page has since been suspended.


St. Ann Police Officer Lt. Ray Albers

Albers pointed his rifle at the crowd. Members of that crowd verbally confront the officer, who appears to say, “I will fucking kill you. Get back”. Asked his name, he responded, “Go fuck yourself.” Albers has since been suspended.


St.Louis Police Officer Mathew Pappert

St. Louis police officer Mathew Pappert suspended on Friday after making racist comments on Facebook. Pappert called on protestors to be put down like ‘rabid dogs’ and even wished them dead in a suicide bombing. Pappert has since been suspended. More about racist here.

Sgt. Mike Weston

Racist Sergeant Mike Weston, an officer for Valda City in St. Louis County calls Ron Johnson Strategy “Hug a Thug,” Says He Wants to Punch Eric Holder. More about this idiot here, here and here

Kansas City Police Officer Marc Catron

Racist Marc Catron posted a photo on Facebook of a black man with a wad of money in his mouth, pointing a gun at the camera – with this caption: “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community.” But the photo wasn’t of Brown at all. It was of a man in Oregon accused of murder. The police officer in Kansas City, Mo. is facing internal review. More about his moron here.


Paul Ryan makes racist remarks

Racist and Wrong Paul Ryan

During an appearance on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, Paul Ryan made the following remarks

“We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with,”

Ryan also quoted Charles Murray, a conservative social scientist who believes African-Americans are, as a population, less intelligent than whites due to genetic differences and that poverty remains a national problem because “a lot of poor people are born lazy.”

Paul Ryan, a racist?

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Paul Ryan Blames Poverty On Lazy ‘Inner City’ Men

Republican Pat Garofalo is a racist

Yet another racist Republican showed his true colors yesterday. Republican Minnesota State Rep. Pat Garofalo tweeted the following about the NBA.

“Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime”