John McCain is Always Wrong – Pals Around with Al Qaida Terrorists

McCain responds to Syria photo controversy


John McCain is Always Wrong – Libya/Gaddafi

McCain was for Gadhafi before he was against him

WikiLeaks shows John McCain was strikingly friendly to the Libyan regime on a trip to Tripoli in 2009

Republican ruled states have the worst healthcare in the country

Republican ruled states have the worst healthcare in the country. They have the highest number of uninsured

Georgia – 18.4% without health insurance (2012)

Florida – 20.1%

Alaska – 20.5%

Nevada – 22.2%

Texas – 22.5%


Conservatives stand to benefit the most from ACA but because conservatives have low IQs, they are fighting ACA tooth and nail.

Bill Maher: Michele Bachmann and Antonin Scalia are the exact same idiot

How the uneducated in America votes

How the uneducated in America votes

GOP has convinced the poor and uneducated to vote for them . Low Information voters and misinformed voters are good for the GOP.

Poorest states of USA are governed by the GOP

GOP is very bad at governing. This is yet another proof that GOP policies are a disastrous for the economy. Here is the list ten poorest states of the nation. All of them are ruled by Republicans.

10.  North Carolina (Republican)
9. Alabama (Republican)
8. Kentucky (Republican)
7. South Carolina (Republican)
6. Montana (Republican – Both house/senate are Republican, Governor is a Democrat)
5. Louisiana (Republican)
4. West Virginia (Republican)
3. Tennessee (Republican)
2. Arkansas (Republican)
1. Mississippi (Republican)

Irresponsible Republicans shutdown the Government, again

Low IQ Conservatives are doing it again.

Cover of Daily News, Oct 1, 2013


Cover of Daily News, November 5, 1995


Dimwit Louie Gohmert speaks

“It’s very clear to everyone but this administration that radical Islam is at war against us,” … “This administration has so many Muslim Brotherhood members that have influence that they just are making wrong decisions for America.”

– Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Reaganomics: Myth v Facts

Ronald Reagan was a big spender: Spending during Reagan’s two terms (FY 1981-88) averaged 22.4% GDP, well above the 20.6% GDP average from 1971 to 2009.

Ronald Reagan did not care about the debt: The public debt rose from $712 billion in 1980 to $2,052 billion in 1988, a roughly three-fold increase.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes: Reagan hiked taxes many times and instituted new taxes. He increased taxes about a dozen times when confronted with surging deficits.

Under Ronald Reagan’s watch, U.S. moved from the world’s largest international creditor to the world’s largest debtor nation.

Meghan McCain calls Santorum a moron