Party of life?

GOP is the party of life? You must be kidding!

Have you seen how the GOP members support every foreign war that causes unimaginable death and destruction?

Have you ever met a GOP member who does not support the rights to carry the deadliest assault weapons (for hunting squirrels, of course)?

Isn’t GOP the party of the morons like Joe Barton who apologized to BP CEO at the Congressional hearing after the BP oil spill that killed several men and millions of sea creatures? Video

Is there a GOP member who is against the death penalty? Did you see the reaction of the GOP supporters at the Reagan Library when it was mentioned that Rick Perry’s Texas is #1 in delivering the death penalty? The sick GOP crowd cheered loudly in support. Video

At the CNN-Tea Party debate, the GOP supporters cheered loudly again, this time to celebrate the hypothetical death of an uninsured man. Video

GOP is the party of life? My foot!


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